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Dozynki Festival-1991 Vet's Home w/ Henry's Group-1992
Live at Five-1993 Wayland Summer Festival-1993
Grand Ledge Opera House-1997 Festival of the Arts-2005
Heather Hills-2007 Festival of the Arts-2009
Festival of the Arts-2010 Wally at Festival of the Arts-2010
Festival of the Arts-2011 Breton Woods-2011
Holton Days-2011 Oktoberfest-2011
Concert 2011 featuring Stan Fisk Concert 2011 featuring Carol Folkert
Concert 2011 featuring Bob Hilgenberg Concert 2011 featuring Wally Corvine
Concert 2011 featuring the Ensemble Aboard LST 393 in Muskegon-2012
Heather Hills-Quintet-Saints Come Marching In-2012 Heather Hills-Sing, Sing, Sing-2012
Heather Hills-Strangers in the Night-2012 Concert 2012-Memory
Concert 2012-I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You Concert 2012-Beyond the Sea
Concert 2012-Star Spangled Banner / Let's Have a Party Concert 2012-They Call the Wind Maria
Concert 2012-Hello Dolly Concert 2012-Blue Danube
Aquinas College-Memory-2012 Aquinas College-Sharpshooters March-2012
Aquinas College-Tango featuring Janet Nichols & Wally Corvine Aquinas College-Just Because Polka-2012
Aquinas College-Alte Kameraden-2012 Aquinas College-German Folk Medley featuring Kathy Lauria
Aquinas College-Strike Up the Band-2012 Aquinas College-Let's Have a Party Polka-2012
Festival of the Arts-2013 Concert 2013-Strike Up the Band
Concert 2013-Star Spangled Banner Concert 2013-Let's Have a Party Polka
Concert 2013-Four Leaf Clover Medley Concert 2013-Repasz Band March
Concert 2013-Fascination/Maria Elena Concert 2013-Village Tavern Polka
Concert 2013-Anytime Concert 2013-Selections from Oklahoma
Concert 2013-On the Beautiful Blue Danube Concert 2013-Arrivederci, Roma
Concert 2013-In Muenchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus Concert 2013-Selections from the Sound of Music
Concert 2013-What I Did for Love Concert 2013-Edelweiss
Concert 2013-When the Saints Go Marchin' In Concert 2013-On Parade March
Concert 2013-Armed Forces Salute Concert 2013-Radetsky March
Concert 2013-The Beer Barrel Polka Concert 2013-They Call the Wind Maria
Aquinas College-Sharpshooters March-2013 Aquinas College-Chicago Waltz-Mini Group-2013
Aquinas College-Italian Medley-Kathy Lauria-2013 Concert 2014-This Could Be the Start of Something Big
Concert 2014-Star Spangled Banner Concert 2014-Strike Up the Band
Concert 2014-Just Because Polka Concert 2014-Selections from My Fair Lady
Concert 2014-Michigan Morn Concert 2014-The Sound of Music by Wally Corvine
Concert 2014-Repasz Band March Concert 2014-Moonlight Serenade
Concert 2014-Concertina Cocktail Polka (trio) Concert 2014-Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Concert 2014-The Auctioneer by Irv Lueder Concert 2014-The Lost Chord
Concert 2014-Amazing Grace Concert 2014-Battle Hymn of the Republic
Concert 2014-Armed Forces Salute Concert 2014-The Beer Barrel Polka
Concert 2014-Kathy Lauria (solo) Concert 2014-Stories by our MC, Bob Hilgenberg
Concert 2015-This Could Be the Start of Something Big Concert 2015-The Star Spangled Banner
Concert 2015-A Wonderful Day Like Today Concert 2015-Memory
Concert 2015-Moonglow Concert 2015-Tranquillo Overture (Solo by Pat Radloff)
Concert 2015-Milwaukee Polka Concert 2015-Just Because Polka
Concert 2015-Kaiser Walzer Concert 2015-Strangers in the Night
Concert 2015-When the Saints Come Marching In Concert 2015-In Munchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus
Concert 2015-Radetsky March Concert 2015-Chimes of Liberty
Concert 2015-You'll Never Walk Alone Concert 2015-Armed Forces Salute
Concert 2015-Tick Tock Polka Concert 2015-The Beer Barrel Polka
Concert 2015-Michael Schaeffer-Guest Soloist Concert 2015-Excerpts
Concert 2016-This Could Be the Start of Something Big Concert 2016-The Star-Spangled Banner
Concert 2016-A Wonderful Day Like Today Concert 2016-A Trumpeter's Lullaby
Concert 2016-Blue Tango Concert 2016-Once Upon a Time
Concert 2016-Lucky Polka-Apples, Peaches & Pumpkin Pie Concert 2016-Carolina/Sweet Caroline Medley
Concert 2016-On the Beautiful Blue Danube Concert 2016-Valley Forge March
Concert 2016-Dream Concert 2016-Village Tavern Polka
Concert 2016-Anytime Concert 2016-Whispering Hope
Concert 2016-You'll Never Walk Alone Concert 2016-Chicagoland Twirl Polka
Concert 2016-When the Saints Come Marching In Concert 2016-Radetsky March
Concert 2016-Armed Forces Salute Concert 2016-The Beer Barrel Polka
Concert 2016-Excerpts Concert 2017-There's No Business Like Show Business
Concert 2017-The Star Spangled Banner Concert 2017-A Wonderful Day Like Today
Concert 2017-Cherry Pink& Apple Blossom White Concert 2017-Forgotten Dreams
Concert 2017-Under the Double Eagle Concert 2017-Selections by Carol Folkert
Concert 2017-On a Hymsong of Philip Bliss Concert 2017-Kaiser-Walzer
Concert 2017-Hallelujah Concert 2017-Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Concert 2017-Repaz Band March Concert 2017-Tulpen
Concert 2017-Tick Tock Polka Concert 2017-Two Buckaroos
Concert 2017-When the Saints Go Marching In Concert 2017-Connecticut Halftime
Concert 2017-Just a Closer Walk with Thee Concert 2017-Radetzky March
Concert 2017-Armed Forces Salute Concert 2017-The Beer Barrel Polka
Concert 2017-In Munchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus Concert 2017-Excerpts
Concert 2018-This Could Be the Start of Something Big Concert 2018-There's No Business Like Show Business
Concert 2018-It Had to Be You Concert 2018-Western Swing Medley
Concert 2018-Selections from Oklahoma Concert 2018-Small World Medley by Kathy Lauria
Concert 2018-Donkey Serenade Concert 2018-Daughters of Texas March
Concert 2018-Shenandoah Concert 2018-Liechtensteiner Polka
Concert 2018-All of Me by David Huhtala Concert 2018-Whispering Hope
Concert 2018-When the Saints Go Marching In Concert 2018-Armed Forces Salute
Concert 2018-Radetzky March Concert 2018-Beer Barrel Polka
Concert 2018-Just Because Concert 2018-Excerpts
Concert 2019-The Star-Spangled Banner Concert 2019-A Wonderful Day Like Today
Concert 2019-On the Beautiful Blue Danube Concert 2019-Under the Double Eagle March
Concert 2019-Moonlight Serenade Concert 2019-Highlights from The Music Man
Concert 2019-Unchained Melody Concert 2019-Calcutta
Concert 2019-Helena Polka Concert 2019-Carol Folkert
Concert 2019-Baby Elephant Walk Concert 2019-Larry Carlson
Concert 2019-Small Group Performance Concert 2019-Just a Closer Walk with Thee
Concert 2019-Peace in the Valley Concert 2019-The Lost Chord
Concert 2019-Armed Forces Salute Concert 2019-The Beer Barrel Polka
Concert 2019-Excerpts Concert 2022-Fanfare/Star Spangled Banner
Concert 2022-Selections from the Sound of Music Concert 2022-Colonel Bogey March
Concert 2022-Pennsylvania Polka Concert 2022-Calcutta
Concert 2022-It Had to be You Concert 2022-Blue Moon
Concert 2022-The British Eighth March Concert 2022-Repasz Band March
Concert 2022-If Ever I Would Leave You Concert 2022-Just Because Polka
Concert 2022-When the Saints Go Marching In Concert 2022-Amazing Grace
Concert 2022-Dance of the Jesters Concert 2022-Armed Forces Salute
Concert 2022-Auld Lang Syne Concert 2022-Beer Barrel Polka
Concert 2022-Radetzky March Concert 2022-Excerpts